As a professional exhibition and training department under CIAPST, CIAPST Exhibition Department applies to help all enterprise members,especially domestic Small& medium sized enterprises, to go abroad and take part in professional product exhibitions globally, thus explore international market. Meanwhile, we promote inter-communication among domestic and abroad enterprises through organizing professional technique training and symposiums.  We can also employ and invite industrial experts and professors to communicate with enterprise R&D personnel of scientific research, production and applications and solve difficult problems they presently faced. Through this way, we can greatly promote the industrialization of technical fruits created by research institutions and push the cooperation among production, learning and research.
    As an experienced and professional exhibition organizing group, we have established close cooperation relationship with various international famous exhibition organizations, which enable us to make use of vast information to promote customers to enter international market smoothly with high-quality services. To meet diversified demand of customers, and help them to expand trade and cooperation channels, we also persist in exploring new exhibition and training projects devoting to provide more satisfied and valuable services. 

CIAPST Exhibition Department
ADD:Tower 2B,Guiguliangcheng,No.1 Nongda South Rd.,Haidian Dist.,Beijing
TEL:86-010-82098728/29/30   FAX:86-010-82090830

SupplySide Show(west) 2018
TIME:8-9 November 2018  ADD:Las vegas,USA
Fi Europe 2018
TIME:NOV 27-29 2018  ADD:Frankfurt, Germany
Fi India 2018
TIME:30 August-1 September 2018  ADD:Bombay,New Delhi
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